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Our family of BOLD solutions help jobseekers and employers. Our online destinations provide unique solutions that help people find jobs, and employers find people. Each one of our unique brands is dedicated to making a meaningful, positive impact on the lives and careers of our customers, and our hard-working employees.

Freelancemania.com is an online marketplace where businesses connect talented professionals from around the world to get their projects done. Through our free service, employers find and contract freelancers who specialize from over than 100 categories including web design, programming, translations, graphics and design, administrative support, sales & marketing, legal, engineering, management & finance, and training & development. At freelancemania.com companies needing jobs done outsource their projects and contract the right person to get done the projects by reviewing the bids that professionals have posted on projects. Professionals post their profiles and find projects to work in, and submit their bids on them. Both, employers and professionals are able to use our service for FREE. Employers post their projects with any type of charge, and in the same way professionals submit their bids on the project that they are interested in for free.