Job application

Job application Are you looking for a job right now? Or would you like to change of it? Then, one of the first steps to take is applying for a job. The job application process is really easy now, but you have to do it carefully and thoroughly in order to be considered for the job vacancy. Here, we are going to talk about this process, about some basic concepts, about how you can apply for a job, and about online job applications. Definitely, the job application process is an easy, but crucial step to get a job.

What implies the job application process?

Whatever be the reason why you are searching for a job, it maybe for switching of career, for a better income, or because just you don't have one already, you must know that getting a dreamed job will demand of you effort, energy, perseverance and also doing the things well. Then one of these simple, but important things is applying for the job.

You can apply for a job through the following ways:

  • At company's websites. Filling out their online job applications forms.
  • Printing the application form you find at company's websites, and filling it out at your time, and then apply in person, or send it to the office's company.
  • Send your resume to the email of the company. You will find in more than one opportunity that companies advices you to send your resume to their email address.

Basic concepts

Application form

It is a useful tool that companies use to gather the needed information about applicants and select some of them for the job interview. Through checking the data, employers can decide if a person is the right for a job or not.

Employment Test

Sometimes companies take a short test to candidates to determine quickly if they are suitable for the open job vacancy. So, don't surprise if after filling some info and answering some questions in an online form, when you are applying for a job, it shows you a message saying "you are considered as a candidate for this job". So possibilities to get the job can be nearer than you could think.

Job application letter

This letter, also called "cover letter", accompanies the resume. It should be not longer than one page. The main purpose of it, is inviting the recipient to read your resume. Through the two to three paragraphs of your job application letter you must try to summarize your career, and your skills. You can write it using different styles, but always remember that you have to take care of writing it free of mistakes. There are many examples of cover letters, you can check on Internet.

Online job applications

Many websites have a section usually called "Careers", where they list their current open job vacancies or career opportunities. Besides, along with the job offers, they present you with an application form with its respective instructions in order you to fill it out.

When you check a job position you are interested in, then you must read the job description to have a good idea of the tasks, duties and responsibilities you could have once working on it. Also, in the job description, you can know the requirements they ask for. They can include knowledge of a certain area, skills and abilities.

After reading the job description, the next step will be applying for it. An online form will be presented to you.

Online job application form

Usually, there is more than one part in the form; the first part can request you to fill out your personal information (name, address, phone number, email address, among others), the second can ask you to fill out info regarding your education and work experience.

You will find a variety of forms, for instance there are those who want to allow you to copy and paste your cover letter and resume, meanwhile others will allow you to create your resume into their application system.

Things to consider

  • Whether you fill an online or printed application form, you always have to consent and agree certain terms and conditions.
  • Normally, after receiving the data through forms or emails, when companies consider a person as a potential candidate, they contact he/she for a job interview, so normally, it is not necessary you call them.

How you can notice, applying for a job can be really easy, just take your time and do it well. Entering the true information will be the best thing to do. Moreover, it is a good idea you apply for a job in more than one company, this way odds will increase, and you could work as soon as you can.