Online Resume Samples for Freelancers

Online Resume Samples for Freelancers There are so a large number of resume samples accessible on the web. The downsides of these resume samples is that most times, they might say that it is free, when truth be told, you need to pay for it when you're finally done editing it. The free part just comes as a teaser when you put together your resume. But when it comes to saving it, the resume maker will generally not permit you to save it unless you pay for it.

Free Resume Templates

To avoid making payments, you can use this page, with a good compilation of free resume templates.. Before writing a resume, you should have in mind some details to write it carefully. Everything, from the kind of paper, type of font, to the selection of sentences needed to write it. A well-written is important because it is needed to be called for a job interview. Here, you have two resume examples to give you a better idea about how your resume should be:

Web Programming resume sample

Kelly McAllister

34 Clary Loop
Akron, Alabama 35441
Email Address: [email protected]
Home Phone: 901-556-4512
Cell Phone: 955-221-85211


To offer my services as a web programmer in a company that allows me to exceed my goals as a professional.


  • Pragmatic and creative.
  • Excellent graphic illustrator.
  • Good communication skills, and a great ability to design and implement plans.
  • Very versatile.


Web Developer , 2010 to Present. WHT Companies. Akron, Alabama.
  • Contributed enormously to the insertion of videos onto several websites. Designed a total of 45 webpages in a period of a year.
  • Ensured the functionality of the webpages, and tested them until they could be put online.
  • Developed all types of websites: search engine websites, information websites, blogs, company websites, forums, etc.

Web Developer Assistant, 2007 to 2010 WHT Companies. Akron, Alabama.
  • Assisted various web developers in the construction of marketing websites.
  • Reviewed the functions of some webpages.
  • Communicated ideas and projects to other web developer teams.
  • Was in charge of the maintenance of webpages.


  • Virginia University
Bachelor of Computer Science, 2008.

Sales Resume Samples

Susan Vikanson

89 American Sand And Gravel
Poplarville, Mississippi 39470
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Home Phone: 357-965-8541
Cell Phone: 357-515-1584


To sell the highest amount of items to specific and general targets.


  • Persuasion skills.
  • Very communicative and proactive.
  • Can handle stressful situations.
  • Ability to connect with the needs of the customers.


Sales Manager - 2007 to Present
  • Made sales that reached a number of approximately $43 million.
  • Increased the sales revenues of an already existing product when it was about to go off the market.
  • Motivated a team of thirty sales persons, and stated strong goals that had to be fulfilled in specific periods of time.
  • Implemented new negotiation skills.

SalesPerson - 2003 to 2007.
  • Studied and implemented the company's sales techniques. It drove to numerous successful sales.
  • Targeted customers that were interested in products that were taken out of the market and promoted the distribution of these products.
  • Ensured excellent relations with old and new customers.


  • University of Boston, Massachussetts.
Bachelor in Marketing, 2003